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Raised only by her loving—but aging—grandma, Sophie Lambert is thrilled when her new neighbors welcome her into their lives. The irresistible pull between Sophie and their gorgeous son, James Jenkins, is magnetic, and his twin sister, Jenny, is everything she’s ever wanted in a best friend.

And yet, something is odd about the Jenkinses; boxes and books float through their house unaided, and Sophie’s grandma’s good health returns after a visit from Mrs. Jenkins. James knows Sophie wants answers, and she threatens his self-control more than anyone he has ever met. But James knows too well what can happen when he loses control—and he won't put Sophie at risk.

It’s not until the peculiar Mr. Jenkins arrives and confines James and Jenny inside their home that Sophie discovers what they’ve been hiding: a crystal Mr. Jenkins recovered on a science expedition. Touching it—even by accident, Sophie learns—imbues a person with magical powers. And now Sophie changes the size of her physical form every time her heart starts racing. Which, around James, is more often than she’d like!

Learning to control her powers under the weight of her shifting hormones is bad enough, but the Jenkinses explain the greater danger is discovery: government agents have been chasing after them for the crystal and its powers. James’s push-and-pull attraction finally makes sense—like Sophie, he cannot control his powers and fears hurting her. If they don’t learn soon, though, the Jenkinses’ past will catch up with all of them—and they’ll be spending the rest of their lives in a government lab.

By Sari Love

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